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Derek's Background

Derek Muensterman is Director of Technology at American Exchange Group bringing 30 years of hands-on experience in operations, information systems and technologies. He supports a wide range of responsibilities including systems, process, and product development.

Over the years, Derek has led teams large and small, delivering end-to-end technology and solutions with the support of global teams. He drives an engineering-led IT strategy to deliver stable, secure, scalable and innovative solutions providing value to the brands of American Exchange operations and their customers.

Derek focuses on architecture and implementation of operational and business support systems that the organization uses to operate and manage the business, as well as supporting the design and development of unique technology that will define American Exchange Group as a leader in the market.

Derek has held senior leadership roles in Fortune 100 organizations such as Ahold Delhaize and Bank Of America as well as key technology delivery roles at Walker and Associates, Duke Energy and Wells Fargo.

Derek is happily married with two children and enjoys spending time with his family. He and his wife have a passion for rescue dogs and share their home with three of their own. When he's not working on technology, he enjoys working with his hands such as building furniture, riding his ATV, camping, and spending time outside at home tending to his acreage in rural North Carolina.

CommunicationDecisivenessStrategicProblem SolverInnovationDeep Technical Expertise


I am a performance-driven software development leader with expertise in analysis, design, development, and implementation of high performance solutions. I help organizations successfully leverage cloud-centric as well as hybrid technologies with integration solutions.


Craft and execute strategies to invigorate change and foster sustainable growth and business viability with a reduced total cost of ownership.


Fuel cost savings and lead the expansion of enhanced capabilities through the adoption of proven development, testing, and change management tools, methods, practices and controls.

Digital Integration

Deliver enabling capabilities through industry leading integration, hybrid cloud deployments, and DevOps methodologies.

Global Leader

Assemble and lead elite global teams, infusing no-nonsense approach with active listening skills to drive aggressive pursuit of problem resolution.

Dev Lifecycle

Supporting all facets of the software development lifecycle, including design, coding, testing, implementation, configuration, tuning, maintenance, and support.

Leadership Skills

Fine-tuned multi-tasking skills to mentor associates while finding better ways to accomplish objectives.


Senior Technology Manager

Selected to drive key elements of the Independent Change Program with the objective to speed the cycle time it took to plan, test, and implement changes to business applications. The existing process required several weeks of planning and then 4 months of build and test cycles to deploy a solution. Accelerated the pace of change implementation for consumer applications from about 4 months to less than 1 month.


Data Integration ​Development​ Leader

Delhaize America owns and operates food retail stores in the U.S. under multiple brands including the Food Lion and Hannaford names. Not only were their business systems and applications distinct from one another, they had multiple commerce platforms to deal with in their goal to create an enterprise application integration environment in a hybrid environment.

Application IntegrationData WarehouseLeadership

Test Data Management

Launched and assembled the team, growing it to more than 200 resources globally, including a international mix of team members that was optimized for knowledge, expertise, capabilities, and cost. The team delivered technology changes to Consumer Bank with less defects for a richer user experience. Met regulatory compliance requirements by ensuring data integrity, protection, and consumer data privacy.


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